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WORLDS FASTEST USB RF spectrum analyzer - Aaronia Spectran V6 RSA500x

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Added by Shub in DJI Drones


Aaronia Spectran V6 RSA500x RF analyzer:
- extremly low POI (probability of intercept, how short of an RF signal spike can the device "see")
97ns (FFT-based) 10ns (I/Q-based)
- fast sweep speed: over 500GHz/s, it can sweep 6 GHz in less than 10ms
- RTBW (realtime bandwidth) 120MHz! (can be unlocked to 245MHz)
- Range: 10 MHz to 6 GHz
- Dimensions: 210 x 115 x 30 mm 860gr weight
- powerbank in same formfactor with 26ah
- for mobile use: powerfull laptop! (or reduced fps)
larger Powerbank (needs to supply enough WATTS!) or only 120MHz scan rate with one USB 3.2g2

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great FPV Frequncy overview from Michael Niggel:

Find (and backup) the Frequency profiles here:
C:\Program Files\Aaronia AG\Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO\cdata\profiles
and move the profiles I supply ( ) into there.
Profiles are loaded on program start (if you change something in these XML files, restart the program! They are sometimes "connected" or nested together. If the parent is missing you wont see a child profile!
Profile "Labels" are only visible below a spectrum if in spectrum settings the option "accept profiles" is active! It's better to choose the profiles in "Config" of Spectrum rather than with the Ribbon button...

BASIC RF spectrum knowledge:
- RBW (bandwidth - how accurate do I look at RF?)
lower is better (more accurate) but slower sweep
- VBW (video filter - low (100khz) filters MUCH, FULL settings means highest detail!)
higher is better (less smoothing) but you see more noise (set to low if you only wanna see powerfull signals clean)

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Filmed with: Sony ZV-1, OBS Studio
Edited on Premiere Pro
Razzmatazz - Jules Gaia
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●▬▬▬VIDEO INDEX▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
00:00 Intro
02:56 Spectran V6 vs V4
05:08 HARDWARE closeup
08:02 Powersupply, Powerbank
09:50 SOFTWARE closer look
13:24 Scan Speed / IQ Rate
16:09 Profiles!
18:51 EXAMPLES: Radio Station
20:01 DJI FPV analysis
22:54 Crossfire Waterfall
24:21 Questions?
#Aaronia #SpectranV6 #RF

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