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RF in 3D: Analog vs DJI digital Video

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Added by Shub in DJI Drones


One of the suggestions from the 1st "RF in 3D" video was: compare analog with digital video transmission. In this video you will hopefully understand better why DJI (and other digital video transmissions) can look so much better and how they achieve it!
Analog is relativly easy to understand (works like your 1950ties analog TV) although I simplified it: it's not only FM but rather the color part is phased in as well).
Digital on the other hand is quite complex and we need to know a few basic RF principles until we can "understand" the block of radio waves used by DJI and how it works:

ASK (amplitude shift keying) + PSK (phase shift keying) = QAMxx
many spikes (64 or 256) on a grid that can transmit data simultaneous...

DJI HDL (our Caddx Vista/Airunit RF spec):
OFDM, 256QAM? or 64QAM
79.9999ms sync

After all the research I was a bit dissapointed that I couldn't decode the "spikes" myself with the spectran - but either my knowledge isn't sufficient (I'm not an RF engineer), or we don't know the correct modulation parameters, the sync time...

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Filmed with: Sony A7c, OBS Studio (to capture desktop)
Edited with Premiere Pro

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01:14 Analog video
02:12 DJI Digital Video
06:22 QAM number = BITRATE!
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