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how I liked CADDX Peanut vs. DJI Action 2 (many sample flights!)

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Added by Shub in DJI Drones


Bought the PEANUT late but now I couldn't resist the low price and my general curiosity for this concept. See for which applications the cam is perfect in this video. Also learn how Gyroflow (for the first time for me) worked better than instaStudio stabilization (settings below).

I create HONEST reviews, if you can support this idea please check my PATREON: or if you need professional music - get an epidemic account (where I get commission)
(with my patreon money I'm able to buy cams like this and give totally unbiased reviews)

- install firmware: (mine was: V 3.10.11)
- Phone-App (Insta360):
enable blutooth, wifi - connect
to activate the cam: just wait some time - then it will work
(do you need to press the button on the cam in this stage as Bardwell suggested? I don't think so - it's rather a timing issue)

- Battery limits rec time: 18:28 (VideoPro, 2880x2880, 30fps 15°C) ~ 10GB
so the 28gb of internal storage should give us ~ 45mins until the memory is full. you can transfer files via USB with ~35mb/sec to your PC

*Important things to setup:
- rec Settings: VideoPro
- 30fps (recommended if using the ND Filter)
- ND Filters (recommended to get nice motionblur on the fast moving ground which leads to lower youtube bitrate consumption for unneccesary fast moving sharp objects)
- increase rec time to 30mins

- InstaStudio (free PC post processing stabilization):
FPV Stabilization, Actionview (wider than "ultrawide")
InstaStudio phone app: here you can also apply more filters, do a roll effect...

INTERESTING: Gyroflow 1.01 looks much better than InstaStudio!
(Lens correction, smoother stabilizer...)
- using Gyroflow (1.01) for Caddx Peanut footage:
I needed to use GF for one of my videos where one of the gyro axis was rotated by 90°.
Settings that worked well:
Lens profile: "Insta360 Go2 (use the vid directly from...)"
Lowpassfilter: 50Hz
FOV: 1,18
default, smoothing 0,379
No Zoom
Rolling shutter correction (x)
Lens correction effect: 60% (here you can adjust the ammount of distortion...
Export: 2560x1440/100mbit

On the topic of Gyroflow vs. InstaStudio (Stabilization), you can view this 2 uncut versions of the river flight. Let me know which looks better to you!
Gyroflow version:
InstaStudio version:

Caddx Peanut @Banggood: + Code: BGFPVZF200 (but it's out of stock and maybe the price increased already)
Phone app:
How to update the firmware:

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Drone: GepRC Smart35 (I love it!) Review:
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Filmed with: Sony A7c / ZV-1, Samsung Galaxy S10, edited with Premiere Pro

Astrophage - Lupus Nocte, Bitmaster
Rise up Now - Soleil
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●▬▬▬VIDEO INDEX▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
00:00 Intro
00:36 1st Flight, normalVideo, no Stab
03:30 2nd Flight: normalVideo mode, with ND
06:01 vs. DJI Action 2
09:05 Gyroflow stabilized, Park
10:57 ...and at the river
13:21 another Park, Battery life
#RCSchim #caddx #peanut

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