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Gopro Hero 7 - the "gopro killer"-killer (drone footage, stabilization tests, resolutions)

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Added by Shub in DJI Drones


Please ???? thanks ;-) it helps my videos a lot!
Video index down here! (TOC), and many more specs and thoughts... I bought this cam myself, thought I'd return it after the review - but it's a keeper!
Been a fan of the earlier Gopros (almost since day one: but stopped buying their cams when they were way too expensive (gopro4 black - gopro6). Now the price dropped and the difference to gopro alternatives is bigger (competition has a hard time beating this stabilizer).
00:27 flight footage
04:10 EDITED footage (sharpened, stabilized additionally, graded)
05:44 STABILIZER tested on my eScooter
07:29 without stabi - unuseable!
08:11 sharpness of diff. resolutions
09:01 vlogging with this cam?
10:07 sharpness with and without stabi?
10:37 Railway, diff resolutions, LINEAR
13:10 RIVER
13:36 stabilizer STEPS, Church
14:54 Stabi comparison
15:44 Slowmo 240 fps Doves
16:15 lowlight - Stabi fails

48mins of recording with one fully charged battery (mostly 2.7k60 with Hypersmooth)
Gopro can get hot, then it shut's down. After some cooldown you can still record a few more minutes until the battery is empty.
It takes around 1.5hrs to charge.
Batteries are the same formfactor since GoPro5 so there are plenty aftermarket batteries+dual chargers available!

Clearly the biggest selling feature of this cam - and one of the best in all actioncams so far. For most use cases this makes brushless gimbals unneccessary!
On drone-shots it's sometimes visible if it hit's the "borders" - but these little shakes can be smoothed out in post production with a simple warp stabilizer (like I did in the short music clip)

With current firmware (1.51) you can use 4k60 and hypersmooth (which is insane!), in older firmware 4k30and higher only gave you "normal" stabilizer, 4k24fps = hypersmooth!

If you cant use stabilizer in 4k, check if you're in 4:3 mode - 4:3 only allows hypersmooth in 2.7k.
With 120fps for example, you dont need hypersmooth anyways - in slowmo shots, shakes are not as disturbing...

Superview, wide, linear
linear looks great - cinematic, no barrel distortion (corrected in cam). Only works in 2.7k and below, not in 4k
Also in 2.7k120 fps you get no linear...

2.7k60fps in 4:3 mode with "Hypersmooth" - ideal mode for me!
4:3 mode is nice for drone usage (you can move up/down in post production).
~60mbit bitrate
60FPS however can get you a bit blurry footage as you see in my first minutes of flying... 2.7k then rather looks like 1080 or even lower...

USB C transfer speed ~ 30mb/sek (usb 2 speed)

Filmed with: Gopro 7, most with internal mics, voiceovers with ZoomH1

Outbreak - Fasion
In And Out Of Love (Tigerblood Jewel Remix) - Martin Hall

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