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FREE and EASY SUPERVIEW if you dont have a Gopro (Gopro Studio, Vegas, AE, Nuke)

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Added by Shub in DJI Drones


Please support with ???? and ???? thanks ;-) it helps a lot!
USE the Jumpmarks in my VIDEO INDEX below!
Find many links and infos further down!
01:10 just stretching looks weird
01:24 what is superview?
02:33 GoProStudio - how to get there

03:22 GoProStudio TUTORIAL START
05:43 - recode footage
07:18 - apply 4:3 to wide filter (superview)
08:05 - export!
09:57 - Result - Sample clip

12:00 PART2: Superview with VEGAS 17 (Magix)
12:46 - Mesh Warp filter
13:26 - Mesh Warp explained
14:23 - how to apply those filters for the SUPERVIEW effect
15:07 - set Project/Timeline to 2560x1440@60fps
15:27 - disable "keep Aspect ration" option on the clip
16:19 - Lens Distortion (optional)

18:32 OTHER OPTIONS / Tools
19:11 - Nuke Foundry, Stickman preset (Bardwell made a great tutorial for this!)
19:53 - Davinci Resolve and lens distortion there (Bruce?)
20:10 - After Effects (also with Mesh distortion)
Until recently I didnt care too much about the Superview effect.
I read it often in cheap cams - they try to imitate Gopros patented way of stretching 4:3 (full sensor) footage onto the popular 16:9 format (i.e. 1920x1080).
Why full sensor readout? You get the most wideangle shot.
Why wideangle shot in FPV? It makes you look fast and it goes well with freestyle!

So you can try to still find a (refurbished) Gopro Session 5. It's the most popular cam in the right form factor (small, dice).
Usually that's a bit expensive - and depending on where you life - hard to find / order online.

Of course there are many competitors to gopro - like Runcam (they've been sued by gopro in the past) or Foxeer.
Not to get sued again - Runcam just provides the "correct" resolution like 1920x1440@60 fps,
and you have to take care of proper stretching yourself.

For this task I tested a few methods and here you will find a tutorial for 2 ways.
●1: Gopro Studio
+ free and easy, good superview implementation (probbably the same as in their cams?)
- a few additional steps, recoding (CPU time), large intermediate files (10 times the orig footage)

●2: Magix Vegas 17 (just the video editor I use)
+ just apply a filter onto the orig footage, easy to setup, no recoding, integrates well in normal editing, fast!
- expensive (if you dont already have Vegas), not perfect quality (mesh warp isnt perfect)

●3: After Effects - non linear stretching
Didnt test this myself, I'm not into Adobe products, but most likely the same pro's and cons like Vegas above!

●4: Nuke Foundry:
+ free software (for personal use), good quality
- big installation, registration, getting a free license, complicated workflow, not intuitive, recoding
Similar to GoproStudio - just not as accessible imho.

●5: (and ongoing as I find more ways):
VIRTUAL DUB filter "barrel distortion" combined with avisynth filter "warped resize"
as found here:
All supporting files:

- GoProStudioPC-
(if the download doesnt work, just search for "GoProStudioPC-")

- Magix VEGAS 17:
Find my sample project (it includes the proper setup MESH WARP setting for Superview and the Runcam5 Lens distortion I use)
Take this video to play around (and see the effect via the blue mesh):

- NUKE Foundry:
Joshua Bardwell's tutorial:

- AFTER EFFECTS: non Linear Stretch:
Project File:
Filmed with: OBS Studio, H1 Zoom + R0de Shotgun Mic
Runcm 5 in 1920x1440@60
In And Out Of Love (Tigerblood Jewel Remix) - Martin Hall
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