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FMS Ranger 1800 (Cessna 172) - underrated! forgotten? Awesome!

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Added by Shub in DJI Drones


Instead of yet another drone. here I chose a Plane from Banggood (they supplied this review sample). Very appealing for me: almost all is finished out of the box, you just have to complete it in a few easy steps (shown in the video). Big plane with very easy-to-fly handling but also well capable of some mild acrobatics! Just looks good in the air!

►REFLEX stabilization:
Easy to setup (3pos switch). Would fly in "optimised mode" (this holds the angle of the plane against wind/gust but will not auto-level when you let go the sticks. Auto level is too much imho - not needed - only maybe if you learn to fly?

►FLAPS: powerfull!
mix in some down elevator! (from 10mm up and down in low rates, I'd use 3-4mm downtrim!)
use a bit more throttle with flaps fully deployed - else it will stall or fly backwards ;)
Good for taking the speed out on steep landing approaches - but not as easy to handle as I thought (but maybe that's just lack of LOS flying training on my side).

Big enough for our green field, dampened NOSEgear for sub-optimal landings (you should "flare" the plane and set it on the main wheels first and then lower the throttle to set the nosegear gently down.
NOSEGEAR: really needs some threadlock ;)
Also it can take a lot of impact on hard landings - but the spring will send you back in the air ;)

►Lights! (my first plane with scale like LEDs installed (even a front landing light, and red/green blinky lights on wingtips).

►FLIGHTTIME with 5200mah 4S (10c multistar pack, 433gr 6yrs old packs!). ~7.5mins and 60% left in pack - so easy 10mins or more (will also try a 7000mah ZOHD liIon pack for ~20mins?)

►TRANSPORT: quite a large plane, wings are installed quite easy and quick with the 4 screws and R-clips on struts. Elevator/Rudder could also be uninstalled for transport - but then it gets to be a bit cumbersome...

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Filmed with: Panasonic GH5, Sony ZV-1
edited (first time) with Premiere Pro!
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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:06 hangar, unboxing
00:02:24 Quick build!
00:04:57 Maiden flight!
00:08:22 NOSEGEAR mishap
00:08:41 2nd Flight
00:10:57 final Thoughts, closeups
00:11:44 FLAPS (down elevator!)
#RCSchim #Cessna172 #FMSRanger

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