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DJI Drone - honest review after 1 month

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Added by Shub in DJI Drones


This is my take on the DJI FPV Drone. Quite a controversial drone - heavily advertised by an army of top tier influencers, too high expectations and a quick wake up for the "early adopters". I'm one of them as I ordered this (NOT SPONSORED) on the first day (actually before knowing any hard facts). I'm NOT DISSAPOINTED now - as so many are, many sent it back (or they crashed it too soon ;)
To me this is the first drone with REALLY GOOD video transmission. The immersion was never higher and the sensation of flight can be experienced as never before with a drone (I was about to write "in a drone" :)

If you think about ordering this drone (and you're in EU) check my favourite shop in Germany - Globe Flight:
I just saw they even have a "refurbished" 100€ off version there atm.

►Quick FACTS:
Weight: 800gr
Flighttime: 8-16mins (20mins will not happen :)
Batteryweight: 270gr
Video transmission: DUAL Band! (5.8 and/or 2.4GHz)
dynamic power output of up to 1.4 watts in FCC mode (25/100mw in ce)

What I love:
VIDEO TRANSMISSION - like a dream! very smooth and sharp
VERSATILITY medium speed, some acro but also stable and reliable to put in the air as a camera, change tilt-angle of cam (for faster chase or slow/hovering to inspect something...
RELIABLE, CONFIDENT flying modes (RTH, battery management, H icon)
EFFICIENT (consider the weight! - if you fly it right you get 15mins)

What I hate:
CE mode performance (which isnt bad if you consider it's only 25mw - FCC mode goes up to 1.4watts either 2.4 or 5.8 - where 2.4 would mean much better range usually)
500m ALT limitation (understood but not good for the mountains)
PROPWASH - on lower throttle flights it shakes quite a lot - ugly video
FLIGHTMODE TRANSITION - from manual to N or S:
the GPS position hold is much too agressive in breaking
DURABILITY not so much an issue for a careful pilot like me...

I DONT earn money with affiliate links - I'm not a sales guy, here you get HONEST reviews and opinions. If you wanna support me, watch, share or even become a patron:
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my Hangar:
Filmed with: Sony ZV-1
This is my biggest video project so far :)
330gb of source footage compiled, condensed to 7gb of 4k60 video. Rendered 3hrs (because Magix Vegas once again wouldnt wanna use my GPU for help).
A Tiny Spark - Johannes Bornloef
Razzmatazz - Jules Gaia
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●▬▬▬VIDEO INDEX▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
00:00 intro
03:26 Video Transmission MODES explained
03:42 Occusync3 = DJI V2
04:17 DVR V2 vs V1
04:32 Range?
05:08 what I LOVE
05:28 what I HATE
05:53 Geofence, noflight zones
06:40 Flighttimes
07:45 Battery and forced landings
08:47 ...for beginners?
09:59 Confidence!
10:23 Goggles V2
11:05 Remote
11:27 Batteries, charging
12:41 Propwash
13:15 JELLO
13:46 Cam Tilt!
14:37 flies weird sometimes...
14:58 PAUSE Button!
15:42 Hangar, Backpack, Update
16:36 External Shots
#RCSchim #DJIFPV #DJIRacer

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