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Best way to test DJI FPV Antennas!!!

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DJI Antennas TrueRC Stubby, Death Ray Helicals, Maple Wireless patches
Ages old discussion PATCHES Top or Bottom? - jump to 13:55 to find out now ;) See the difference between STOCK DJI and TrueRC Stubbies, find out if these SPECIAL antennas from SWEDEN are something for you and many more infos in this very comprehensive test!
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►HENRIK's "Death Ray" Helicals
To order or for questions, please email:

Designed with low dBm loss, high gain and wide beam width in focus. Keeping the dBm loss at a minimum by eliminating unnecessary connectors and sharp bends in the coaxial cable and increasing the beam width with the angled design.
The antennas are 3D printed and handmade in Sweden. The antenna former and backing support are made from solid black PETG. The reflectors are made from double sided copper/fiberglass PCB board. The coils are made from 1.4mm solid copper wire. The coaxial cable is semi rigid RG402 and the connectors are high quality gold plated RPSMA 90degree connectors.
The antennas are LHCP but he will also make RHCP antennas for custom orders, same price for RHCP but payment in advance. Build time is around 3 days...

3 turn
Gain: 9.5 dBm
Total beam width: 174 degrees
-3 dBm beam width: 100 degrees
Tower offset angle: 40 degrees
Price incl shipping: 106 USD

5 turn
Gain: 11.7 dBm
Total beam width: 128 degrees
-3 dBm beam width: 72 degrees
Tower offset angle: 25 degrees
Price incl shipping: 112 USD

7 turn
Gain: 13.2 dBm
Total beam width: 107 degrees
-3 dBm beam width: 59 degrees
Tower offset angle: 20 degrees
Price incl shipping: 118 USD
DJI Stock Antennas come with your goggles (they are about 15$ for a 2pack if you loose them).
TrueRC Stubbies were provided by germany based Shop
they are 85€ which seems quite pricey, but they work really well!
Maple Wireless Patches (were not shown at their full potential in this vid)
can be ordered at banggood:
DJI SRT converter, Excel Makro to make your own tests:
SRT to CSV script:
Excel sheet:

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Filmed with: Samsung Galaxy S10, R0de Lavmic on ZoomH1
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Razzmatazz - Jules Gaia
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●▬▬▬VIDEO INDEX▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
00:00 Intro
01:37 Waypoint flights: DJI Stock
03:23 TrueRC
04:55 3T helical
06:53 7turn helical
09:20 check my Sector 5 viodeo here
09:36 Maple Patcjes bottom, TrueRC Top
11:20 50m alt was to low!
12:40 TrueRC bottom, Maple Top
13:55 PATCHES Top or Bottom?
14:21 Maple Wireless - will test them again!
14:58 EMAX - manual flights to compare
16:17 Emax TrueRC
17:46 Emax 3Turn Helix
19:13 I like 3turn
19:27 7turn
19:47 my thoughts
#DJIFPV #antennatest #RCSchim

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